Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild

About Us

The Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild is a skill-based organization dedicated to studying and training in Remote Viewing.

The Guild investigates, studies, and evaluates Remote Viewing methodologies from various schools of thought and was not founded to compete with established training organizations. We are a non-profit organization, and no funds are raised from our members other than those required for training.  No member is paid or compensated for their support or participation.

HRVG hopes that research and development of this unique communication skill will help others understand how and why it works.

Makapuu Lighthouse
Validation Target: Makapuʻu Point Lighthouse

“Consciousness grants me the ‘I am’. It is the unique cerebral cognizance of myself in a virtual crowd of conscious beings sharing a common medium of space in time.”

Glenn B. Wheaton


Feel free to contact us about membership, our training courses, or our ongoing projects

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