Future Event Prediction Experiment - March 1998


On March 14, 1998 the target cue, Unidentified Flying Object / Hawai'i / Next Event, was executed in a remote viewing session involving three remote viewers. The intent of the target was to determine the next UFO event in or around Hawai'i in the near future.

On March 15 after receipt of all session documents from the viewers, analysis was conducted to corroborate the location and time of the next significant UFO event geographic to the state of Hawai'i. The Analysis indicated that the Place for the next event would be between Pearl Harbor and Ewa Beach on the island of Oahu. The projected date of the event was April 3, 1998.

On March 19 this information was given to Dick Allgire who committed the following acts to record the prediction. Dick had a notarized statement drafted outlining the general Prediction. He then mailed a copy to himself as well as sending a copy certified mail to Art Bell, for which a return receipt was obtained.

During the early morning hours of March 27, between Pearl Harbor and Ewa Beach, an event occurred in the skies that caused reports to come in from as far away as the Big Island of Hawai'i in which it was reported that a very Bright Light was seen visibly tracking down through the atmosphere and finally impacting in the water off Iroquois Point. This event was reported in the morning and afternoon papers as well as the morning and afternoon television news broadcasts.

Glenn's Sked

Notarized Statement

Art Bell Return Receipt

Channel 2 News Transcription

Article From West Hawai'i Today

Star-Bulletin Newswatch


The event occurred eight days before the predicted date of April 3. This is viewed as a failure to accurately determine the timeline within an acceptable period of time. A time variance of plus or minus three days is the desirable tolerance. The location information derived from the sessions was very accurate, as was the information about the Air Traffic Control concerns, and press coverage. Future Prediction Experiments will be preceded by more intensive Timeline training.