Working Notes:


There are simplex, hard, manmade, static aspects associated with the target
There are simplex, soft, manmade/natural, static aspects associated with the target
There are complex, hard, manmade, static aspects associated with the target
The following colors are present at target: green, brown, blue, white, grey, black
The following colors may be present at target: beige/tan & red
There is a vehicle associated with the target
There is a road nearby
There may be engine/mechanical/clanging sounds at the target
There are sounds of footsteps
There is a smell of vegetation & grass
There may be a smell of swamp
There is a taste of leaves, vegetation and metal
There are cool and maybe humid temperatures
There is rough terrain & a gust of air
There may be a metallic taste
There is one or more structures
There is land, vegetation, water and a person in water (felt shivers)
There is a road leading to a sand beach
There is a person driving a car
There is grassy land
There may be a bicycle rider
There may be a female wearing a skirt
There is the sound of gentle & running water
There may be the sound of a clang & like a boat bumping a dock
There are tastes of grass and wood
There is a texture of something smooth, grainy & fragile
There is water and something grassy
There may be a light smoke
There is land & water
There is may be something wrapped & a bicycle
There are sounds of rain, splashing & flowing water
There may be something cracking
There may be a marsh smell, decay laundry soap
There is a metallic taste
There is a sandy texture
There is something metallic with round/smooth joints
It is cool and maybe humid
There is sand & trees, top feels sandy
There is metal and something round w. smooth joints
There is water and an artificial edge
There are may be sounds of people walking & engines
There is the smell of fresh air
There is warm, shallow water
There is a person & an inclined slope
There may be a smell of tobacco
The temperature may be warm
There are textures of cloth, cotton, a wet hip and hair in water
There is cloth, cotton, something like hair in water and a blanket
There are clouds, sky, land and dark hair looks down
There is a sound of chinking rocks
There is a cry of rage
There are smells of rock & stone
There may be warm temperatures
There is something stoney & rocky
There is wet cloth
There is a person with dark hair carrying something
There is warm water
There is something like soap
There is a person and a vehicle
There is the sound of screaming & sliding
There may be a sandy texture
There may be a smokey smell
There is a dirty smell
There are warm temps like the summer sun
There are cool temps
There is gritty dirt, wet clothes, metal, seaweed and something protruding from the water
It is dark outside, night-time
There are dense woods
There is a small open space in a forest area
There is a hole or excavation
There are 2 people
It is cave-like or dark outside
It is primitive conditions
There is a structure associated with tourists
There is fabric
There is an old building
There is a person walking
There is the edge of a roof
There is a bundle
There are people walking
There is a mountain valley
There may be echoing sounds
There is the sound of something dragging
There is the sound of a car & screech
There are smells of an old blanket & vegetation
There may be smells of soap, decay and rubber
There are textures of green plants
There may be textures of something bundled, rustic wood and leather
There are afraid people going on land
There is a house, a 2-story building

It may be night-time
There is an african-american man
There is a female
There are sounds of a road nearby, people & footsteps
There may be echoing sounds
There are smells of night vegetation, wood and hot rocks
There are tastes of something dusty
It may be nighttime
There are mountains, a forested area, people and a low building
There is cool, mountain air
There are structures
There may be sounds of an echo
There is a smell of cool alpine air
There is something smooth and airy
There is a mountain range near
It may be nighttime sky
It is cloudy, misty & foggy
There is running water
There is a scream/crying
There are vehicles on road
It may be moonlit
There are (4) structures
There are connected structures
There may be laundry soap
It is cool, alpine & airy
There is a person walking on street
There is sloping land
There are 2 people walking
There is a cry of rage (like a baby cougar)
There may be echoes
There is a rocky incline
There is one vehicle
There is a sound of road
There is water
There is something round with smooth joints
There are vehicles & a structure
There is vegetation & flowing water
There are structures
There is a sound like a creek
There is the sound of a thump like boat bumps dock
There is something sandy
There are humans walking
There is something like hair in water
There is water
There may be something marshy
There is splashing
There is a man
There may be a stale cigarette smell
There are houses
There is a road
There are mountains
There is running water & a creek with strong vegetation
There is grass & mountainous region
There are structures (nestled in a hill) & people going inside houses
There is vegetation, thick forested and isolated
There is the smell of rock
Land meets water
There is water
It is sandy/rocky w. exposed rocks
There are people strolling
There is a muffled thump/thudding
There is the sound of a heavy bundle, scraping & sliding on rocks
It is steep and rocky
There is water below
There is the smell of night air, it is clean and fresh
Moonlight glints (it is 3/4 full)
There is freshwater, it is slow-running, can be stagnant at times or a trickle
It smells bad - fetid water, run-off or drainage
There is vegetation and water entering ocean
There is a small 2-story structure (like beach park bathrooms)
There is a building and parked cars on street
There is the smell of fresh air, clear
There are nestled structures at end or adjacent
It is evening and sun is behind structure
There is water and a view of landscape
There are trees grass and flowers
There is a fresh smell
There are houses around
There are human remains
It is curly-like or wavy, female, fearful like scared, open mouth
There is something dirty, dusty
There are grainy nude knees
Someone is nervous, anxious, scared, worried
There is a big truck (like a Dodge Caravan or older model Oldsmobile)
There are vehicles passing by
There is a wad of wet cloth (drawing of human by water)
There is an unconscious/dead female
There are footsteps
He may have a brother