2 people - Todd? Terry?  Gregory? Karen? 'Terr' like Terran, name like "Sammy", "xxxAmmy"

At least one of them is a smoker, clothes have heavy, stale cigarette smoke smell (cigarettes in a green pack)

A dark haired-male (bald black man 26 or 27, butter-colored spiky hair (but not always) - 23 years old +-1 - April - High cheekbones - has arrest record - Portland) meets with a female (met at like disco bar - took to house).

There is a noise, screaming and the sound of something being dragged over land, the female is dead, near water, partially submerged.

There are mountains nearby, a sandy beach area where freshwater meets saltwater, multiple structures, "tourist"-like and possibly where boats are docked.

There is moving water present and maybe a significant wooden structure associated with the water, like an over-water walkway or dock.

A rustic structure elevated relative to the significant water may be present - the structure may involve an exposed, covered walkway.

The location may be in the Northwest USA - where rivers and lakes are nestled in steep mountains, there may be a dirty burgundy road.

There is a vehicle associated with the target (may drive a truck), like a Dodge Caravan or older model Oldsmobile or white car - possibly a sedan (BMW)