What happened to Stephanie Condon?   
An Analytical Commentary on the Disappearance
Compiled by Sita Seery

The purpose of this commentary is twofold. The first and most important is to speculate on the location of Stephanie Condon at the present time. The secondary reason is to compare data obtained by viewers that worked this target approximately a year apart from each other. The work presented by viewers of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild substantiates the theory that time; distance and space are irrelevant factors in the collection of congruent target data. It also provides an interesting insight in the study of consciousness and the application of how our subconscious was able to extrapolate data on a target worked a year apart.

While the following statement is simply conjecture, it is still interesting to learn how viewers were able to obtain very similar information on a target worked approximately one year apart. Perhaps this presentation may simply be a testimony to the adage repeatedly taught to HRVG students, “If you can remote view one data element on a target, you can remote view all data.”

(Photo credit: The Nation’s Missing Children Organization & Center for Missing Adults)