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    Aloha All and Merry Christmas,

    Hrvg will soon be entering its 19th year in the remote viewing community. This is quite a success for us as an organization. The road has been long and hard for the most part and even today we encounter difficulties one would not have imagined when we formed. Hrvg is a non-profit organization and as such our emphasis has never been on money but on research and training. We have skilled ourselves to be the best remote viewers and the best teachers and for that we should be proud. We have supported the greater remote viewing community by the publication of articles, projects, and presentations at annual conferences. We are an anomaly in a profit driven environment and all of us at Hrvg has paid our own way.

    We have often dug deep and helped others in our community not in the Guild. Some years back when Art Bell still ruled the airwaves at night I got a call from a distraught woman. She was on Oahu and she and her daughter were stranded trying to return home to California. They had just used their last 10 Thousand dollars to attend Ed Dames’s class on the Big Island, five thousand dollars apiece. They only had enough money to get back to Oahu and had no money, no food, no hotel, and no way to get back home. She asked if Hrvg could help them and we did so without hesitation. We helped them because we could and because it was the right thing to do. We have hosted visits from dozens of foreign students and visitors from other remote viewing organizations. We have hosted Skip Atwater, Paul Smith, Prudence Calabrese, Courtney Brown as well as others. We provided housing, food, and transportation. We have donated to pay for airfare, hotels, and conference attendance for several non Hrvg remote viewing personalities including Courtney brown. We have arranged for some sizeable donations to others in need. Hrvg has been very big on giving. We have given of ourselves as well as our Hrvg treasure. For all the support we have received and all the support we have given I believe the scales are in a good balance.

    There is a situation that has arisen that is spinning up and will probably get out of control before it is done. It really is a crisis that should not be but is very telling about the participants. It is also a crisis that does not exist. Most of us have seen the calls for donations to a legal defense fund where the solicitor is claiming that they are being attacked by some unnamed legal action. The scuttlebutt on the net is saying that it is us here at Hrvg. We’ll big newsflash for you folks in Atlanta, it ain’t us. Hrvg has not filed any suit, served any letters or demands to anyone in Georga. But you have to love the guerilla marketing this guy does. I am not sure if it is legal to fleece the community in this way. It sucks to be a sheep sometimes.

    Hrvg does have a single legal action in the works regarding a past officer of the Guild. Before I get into that let me tell you some of our rules and responsibilities as officers of a non-profit organization. Basically I am talking about the 3 D’s of non-profits.

    Duty of care: Board members are expected to actively participate in organizational planning and decision-making and to make sound and informed judgments.

    Duty of loyalty: When acting on behalf of the organization, board members must put the interests of the nonprofit before any personal or professional concerns and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

    Duty of obedience: Board members must ensure that the organization complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and that it remains committed to its established mission.

    Our legal action is in regards to the 2nd D. The duty of loyalty.

    In this case the officer took session work of another Hrvg instructor’s student, produced a video and then offered it for sale on the Internet.

    Duty of loyalty: When acting on behalf of the organization, board members must put the interests of the nonprofit before any personal or professional concerns and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

    This is a clear violation of this officer’s fiduciary responsibilities to the non-profit organization. Attempts were made to settle this outside the legal arena but were declined by the opposition. We offered to drop the issue entirely in exchange for a letter of indemnification regarding the video and were told we would only receive such a letter if we allowed this officer’s new remote viewing company access to the Hrvg archives to produce videos on anything therein. Well as good and fine as that sounds we declined to give over 16 years of remote viewing archives to a for-profit entity. We do not view this as a community issue but an issue between Hrvg and one of its former officers. It is us self-policing ourselves.

    Perhaps this is not the story you are hearing on the internet. I am willing to bet it is not. Look about and see how 2 or 3 key players are creating a crisis out of nothing. Ask these people Who is suing you? What legal notices have you received? How much money have you collected?

    Wow how depressing is that, let’s get back to Christmas. From all of us at HRVG Merry Christmas to you all, each and every one.

    Glenn Wheaton
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