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Dr. Dean Radin
The Boundary Institute

by Dick Allgire

Dean Radin, Ph.D. If you want a better chance of performing well as a remote viewer, work your target at 13:30 Sidereal Time on a day when the geomagnetic index is low. That is one of the preliminary findings presented by Dean Radin, Ph.D. at the 2001 RV Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Radin shared some early data from his huge web-based psi experiment, which has been ongoing for nearly a year. The experiment began in August of 2000 at the Boundary Institute. It has now moved to The Institute of Noetic Sciences.

According to Radin, a web based psi experiment is not a good vehicle for proof oriented results. There are problems with just putting up several tests and allowing anyone to participate anonymously any time. Radin has found that some will submit frivolous data, others may try to introduce fraud. On the other hand, Radin feels conducting a test on the web has its advantages; it is world wide, and continuous. The tests involve both precognition- "pick the card that has a picture behind it," as well as remote viewing. In the remote viewing test subjects are asked to perceive basic gestalts. There is also a test that requires subjects to intuitively select the area of a screen closest to a hidden point. The test is completely automated.

Participants have conducted 2.9 million trials since the experiment began. There have been 20 thousand participants in 93 different countries. Radin showed a graph representing the number of trials over the past year. The audience could see several obvious spikes in the number of participants. "That was when I appeared on Art Bell," said Radin, pointing to the largest spike. The other major spike occurred when the London Times did an article about the experiment.

Most of the participants have been from the U.S. There are a lot of hits from China. Radin believes the Chinese may be using his experiment as a game of chance for gambling purposes. Some of the more interesting findings presented by Radin:

  • Those who believe in psi do better than non believers.
  • People who regularly use remote viewing perform better than people who have simply been trained in RV.
  • Scientists do poorly.
  • People who claim to be lucky do poorly.
  • Those who consider themselves "spiritual" do well.
  • Those who are "traditionally religious" do not perform as well.
Radin tracked one individual who was performing extremely well. The fact that this one person had such a high performance and was able to maintain it who some regularity made him really stand out. So Radin conducted a special investigation. He changed the test to study this one person's performance. He found that this subject had discovered a loophole and was not really demonstrating psi ability. "If cheating is possible," states Radin, "they will cheat."

Once the loophole was closed that person went on to perform well, apparently finding a way to do it naturally. Radin does not discount the ability of people to find patterns, even in seemingly "random" tests. "Some things that look random are really chaotic," says Radin. "People can learn patterns, even very complicated ones."

As for Sidereal Time and geomagnetic flux, Radin says he will know about that in 6 months. So far he has discovered that the higher the geomagnetic index, the lower the psi performance. He has also found that at 18:00 Sidereal time, there is essentially no psi ability demonstrated.

We look forward to Dr. Radin's final conclusions. To take part in his on line experiment, visit www.ions.org.   

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