Kapitan Man – Jason’s Session Interview

Post Session Interview With Jason

This interview was conducted on video tape immediately after the monitored S-5 portion of the session.  The purpose of a post session interview is to elicit more data from viewer as he has a chance to recall impressions of the target.  For a  period of time after S-5 Theta Isolation the viewer’s awareness lingers at target, and he has a chance to “catch up” to the data.  The interview is also a chance to gauge the veracity of the viewer’s statements about his contact with the target.  Questions are given to the viewer in a rapid-fire manner, and it is possible to judge the viewer’s eye movements and body language as he recalls the target data.  As Jason is right-handed, a visual recall of data as seen during the session would elicit an involuntary movement of the eyes up and to the left according to Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP).

Note!  During the post-session interview, the viewer is still blind to target and the interviewer is ONLY allowed to ask about data that the viewer provided during the session.

INTERVIEWER:  Describe what you saw when you went  to target.

VIEWER:  First thing I saw a ship, a large ship. Multi-tiered…

INTERVIEWER: Is this ship civilian, or military?

VIEWER: Military

INTERVIEWER: What makes you think so?

VIEWER:  The whole feeling of it, I felt like an operation, a mission. There was also secretive feeling.

INTERVIEWER: Describe what you saw on the ship deck.

VIEWER:  Multiple people walking around… uh…they’re working…. a uniform.

INTERVIEWER: In your work you told me about people in front of screens. Describe these people and the environment they were in.

VIEWER:  I believe these people were in a submarine. The environment was enclosed, dark, lit mainly by the electronics which kept flashing, making a beeping sound. A few people were sitting in chairs, some were standing up. Monitoring, tracking.  It was somewhat crowed, concaved, dark.

INTERVIEWER: What is your impression of the target of this tracking?

VIEWER:  What… as what were they tracking? INTERVIEWER  Yes.

VIEWER:  Another.. uh ship. Another vehicle.

INTERVIEWER:  In your work you described a helicopter. Describe what you saw.

VIEWER:  The helicopter was flying over the ocean. I kept seeing it over the ocean. It looked as if he was either trying to get somewhere or get out of somewhere.

INTERVIEWER:  What did the helicopter look like?

VIEWER:  Green, dark green. It had lettering with numerals.

INTERVIEWER:  You described the inside of helicopter. Tell me what you saw inside of the helicopter.

VIEWER:  I mainly saw from behind the pilot. There were two people sitting in it. I saw the control panel. I was mainly looking forward, out.

INTERVIEWER:  What do you think the purpose of this flight was?

VIEWER:  They were looking for something. At least that’s the way it began.  Again I believe this was part of a military operation. Trying to find … not… uh… some other vehicle or structure.

INTERVIEWER:  Is there anything that you saw, or get a feeling for that you didn’t tell me that you want to tell me about now?

VIEWER:  At one point I saw…. I’m not sure where this was, but a box or controls with lots of knobs. I don’t know what it was for or what it was part of.

INTERVIEWER:  Do you know where this box was located?

VIEWER:  Not sure. No.

INTERVIEWER:  Anything else you want to add?


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