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Four viewers corroborated data about a jet aircraft.


Pat’s sketch of the jet, and the shootdown incident.



Fred’s sketch and description of the aircraft in trouble.



George reported the sounds of a jet aircraft



Tony drew the aircraft.



Multiple viewers described and sketched a missle. Here are images produced by Pat and Fred illustrating the missle they saw:



Six viewers drew and described a violent explosion.



Four viewers drew the wreckage of the jet aircraft after it crashed.



Three viewers saw the pilot eject and parachute to the ground.



Jim K. saw a symbol sketched in the sand:  “EE” which stands for escape and evade. Downed pilots are trained to leave such a symbol to be seen by friendly rescue forces. This image was reportedly seen by U.S. surveillance satellites.



Two viewers – Jim K. and Pame -report a person named Michael.



Viewer Kathy drew a representation of Michael Speicher’s unit patch.



Several viewers saw a person being transported by armed men in a truck.



Note that Jeffrey and Jim K. drew nearly identical trucks from a similar angle.



Multiple viewers saw a person incarcerated in a cell.




Multiple viewers saw and described armed guards speaking a foreign language.




Viewers saw the subject being held in a cell inside a prison.



Viewer Glyn’s S-3 site sketch is an interesting example of gestaltic capture in remote viewing data. She draws a human form inside an enclosed structure. There is a representation of what could be coiled razor wire.



Several viewers corroborated the location as being in the Middle East, specifically Iraq. Viewers also produced data specific to the city of Baghdad.  Jim K. drew a river and city similar to Baghdad in his LAND 1 Sketch.



The river surfaced again in Jim’s work.



Pat drew a mosque in her work.



Pat also drew a building sized mural of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.