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Declarations are elements within the data collected that are of interest.

In Phonics viewer Rob reports "aircraft explosion- ejected."

In S4 Cascade viewer Kathy reports "ear drums punctured," "acrid smells" "detonate," and "destruction."

In S-4 Cascade Life-Human viewer Kathy reports "human injured, moaning, shattered arm."

In VISID viewer Pame reports "person is very worried, sure he is gonna die."

In S-2 viewer John M. reports "a human in stress."

In Cascade viewer Jan reports "running, then a sense of someone rushing through bushes or underbrush, heavy sweating."

In Phonics viewer Jason reports "hide, hidden, solitude."

In Phonics viewer Jeffrey reports "anger, escape, injury, overcome, lost hope, scared."

In S-4 Cascade viewer Kathy reports "hidden, secret, enclosed in and under."

In S-2 viewer Pame reports smells of "meat cooking- lamb and goat."

In Phonics viewer Pame reports "blindfold."

In S-2 viewer viewer Glyn reports "Human, anxious, dark, enclosed," and "human, lying down."

In Phonics viewer Kathy reports "airplane crash, arm, eject, pilot, mission, down, lost, IRAQ."

In Cascade viewer Kathy reports "human, eject, forced landing, hard, shot at on landing."

In Phonics viewer Fred reports "aircraft, truck, hide, Middle East."

In Cascade viewer Fred reports "chopper en route to battlefield," "haste!" "soldier" "decapitated body."

In S-2 Phonics viewer John M. reports "Alcatraz," (metaphorical data suggesting a prison.)

In advanced Phonics viewer Tony reports "American, anger, Al-Ahram, Baghdad, punish, draws pictures, prays, stomach problems, Ali-guard."

In Phonics viewer Pat reports "eject, beaten, emit, interrogate, intelligence, confine, American pilot, Iraq."

In Diarization Viewer Kathy describes "aerial vehicles- one crashed." She states, "main human ejected from plane- injured. . . after crashing." Kathy further states, "This feels not current- recent past? 10+ years ago. People wonder about his fate."

In Diarization (E503-N4C9) viewer Pat reports, "The pilot was able to eject and his parachute deployed. He landed with injuries in a barren and remote area in a foreign country. He began walking and was apprehended by people local to the area, who turned him over to military personnel. He was beaten, interrogated, and imprisoned."

In Phonics (S1C6-A5C3) viewer Pat reports, "American prisoner, Baghdad."

In S-4 Cascade viewer Jim K. reports the name "Jaffa." (This is a street in Baghdad.)

In S-4 Cascade viewer Jim K. reports people traveling inside a van or truck "moving fast," "traveling at night" to a "new location" He reports a blindfolded prisoner with his hands bound behind his back being guarded by a man with a rifle. He reports people are observing this scene. He also reports a prisoner "bound to a chair," "beaten," and "interrogated" in a small, dark, confined space.

In Diarization (S1C6-A5C3) viewer Pat reports an American is held captive in a two story concrete building, with a flat roof, facing a street. Pat reports the prisoner is at the end of a corridor in the last room. Pat reports the prisoner is unshaven and apathetic. Pat reports the building is near a Mosque with an adjacent cemetery. She reports a large mural of Saddam Hussein nearby, much activity and city noise. Pat also reports there is a helipad nearby with an underground facility.