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O P E R A T I O N   “ P R O M I S E   K E P T ”


A Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild project investigating the case of Lt. Commander Michael Scott Speicher.  “Promise Kept” is the code name of the diplomatic mission to learn Commander Speicher’s fate.


Is it a promise kept, or a broken promise?



Did we leave a pilot behind in the Gulf War?  Has Michael Speicher been held as a prisoner of war by Iraq for more than a decade?


Reports recently surfaced that the first pilot to be shot down in the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq might have survived and could be alive and captive in Iraq.


Based on those reports Dick Allgire, Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild, tasked this as a target of interest for trained remote viewers within the guild.


The work was done under double blind conditions. NO VIEWER WAS TOLD ANYTHING ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE TARGET.  When they sat down to work they were given nothing more than the 8 element target ID.


The work was conducted solo, without monitoring.  At no time was any viewer exposed to anyone who knew the actual target cue. No feedback was given until the viewers submitted their work. The original tasking was given to the viewers on March 13, 2002. Work was completed and submitted by March 25, 2002.  Analysis was conducted the week of March 25-29, 2002.


In targeteering this project it seemed a simple question to answer:  Is Commander Michael Speicher currently alive? This essential question is something that should show up quite clearly in remote viewing data. If Speicher were killed in 1991 and his remains were either buried or in the desert of Iraq, we would expect viewers to produce data describing a static, barren, lifeless location.  They would, in effect, describe old bones.


If Speicher is alive and being held captive we would expect trained remote viewers to produce data about a dynamic living individual, and to describe his surroundings.


As is often the case in remote viewing what we actually got was much more than we bargained for. What we see in this presentation is an effect in remote viewing known as “Division of Effort.”  When multiple viewers work a target they tend to divide the effort. We see different viewers produce data about different aspects. Some will describe the central focus of the target cue, and others will give us data about the peripheral location and activities.


In this case some viewers went back to the original event in 1991 when Commander Speicher’s F-18 exploded and fell from the sky, and he was first missing in action. From there the remote viewing data is laid out in a chilling real life tragedy that unfolds like a storyboard for a movie script.


Remember, the viewers were blind to the target.  They were not told anything about what they were viewing. 


The original cue [not told to viewers] was:







Fourteen viewers worked this target under blind, solo conditions and submitted their data. A subcue was then given to the viewers.  The subcue was based on data produced in the original target work. Several viewers described a structure. The subcue was targeted to this structure. Again, the viewers were told nothing about the nature of the target.  All work was solo, and double blind.


The subcue was: