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1.     Recent news reports surfaced in the case of Lt. Commander Michael Speicher, the first casualty of the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq. He was declared killed in action, but over the years there have been persistent rumors that Commander Speicher in fact survived the crash of his F-18 Hornet, and may be held captive in Iraq.  I cued this as a target of interest for the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.


2.     I alone prepared the target for the guild to work. No one other than myself was aware of the nature of the target.


3.     The target was worked at various times by 14 viewers.


4.     I did not work this target.


5.     All of the viewers who worked the target did so totally blind to the nature of the target.


6.     Five viewers exhibited significant target contact. The other viewers provided significant corroborative data relative to a pilot parachuting from a damaged aircraft, being captured and held captive.


7.     Upon completion all data was secured by myself and safeguarded for analysis.


8.     I conducted the analysis and prepared this report under the supervision of Glenn Wheaton, President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.



Dick Allgire, Vice President HRVG