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Scenario 1:

An aircraft in flight is struck by a missile and a pilot or passenger named Michael ejects and parachutes to the ground. The plane is damaged and in distress and subsequently crashes in a barren sandy rocky location. Michael, who is injured is transported by armed men to a city area near a river in Iraq possibly Baghdad where he is incarcerated in a cell and interrogated by persons speaking in a foreign language.

Scenario 2:

An aircraft suffers an explosion causing a very bright light and begins a downward arc towards the ground and crashes. In the area are other aircraft (Helicopters), motorized vehicles and armed men. The area is sandy, rocky, and barren, with mountains nearby. The target area is in a middle-eastern country.

Scenario 3:

A human ejects from an aircraft and parachutes to barren and rocky ground. The aircraft explodes. Multiple armed humans who speak a foreign language incarcerate and interrogate the single human.