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This target involves a single human.


This person may be injured.


This person has been the subject of questioning or interrogation.


This person may be named Michael.


This target involves an aircraft in flight.


There is a missile associated with this target.


There is an aspect of explosive energy at this target.


There is a parachute associated with this target.


This target involves an aircraft, damaged and in distress.


This target involves land that is sandy, rocky, possibly barren.


There are mountains at or near this target.


An aspect of the target involves multiple structures in a city.


There is a structure associated with this target that has bars or a grid-like feature (probably a cell.)


There is a single human incarcerated in a structure or cell.


There are multiple humans present at this target.


These people are armed with weapons.


These people speak a foreign language.


This target involves multiple vehicles, possibly trucks, in motion.


This target involves a helicopter.


This target is located in Iraq, possibly the city of Baghdad.