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This target demonstrates the manner in which remote viewing may be employed as an intelligence gathering tool. The question posed by the tasking was simple: Where was Ahmed Ressam taking his bomb?

Ahmed Ressam, a 32-year-old Algerian, was arrested on December 14, 1999 in Port Angeles, Washington. He was allegedly trying to smuggle bomb-making materials into the United States.

NOTE!  All targets worked by members of the Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild are worked under blind conditions. The Mission Manager, Viewer, Monitor, and Analyst are given ONLY the target ID.  (I2S2-A1T4. This is a random alpha/numeric identifier.)  The viewers are NOT told anything about the nature of the target. They were not told "You are looking for the intended destination of a terrorist."

This is a target for which there is no immediate concrete feedback on all aspects. Feedback may be obtained from published news reports, court documents, and statements by investigators. If a team of viewers was actually employed by a government agency, for example the FBI, one could assume the remote viewing data would be but one part of the intelligence puzzle, corroborated or enhanced by data from other sources.

The viewers were Mana, Jason, and Jim. Analysis was done by Dick A. who was also blind to the target. They are among the most experienced viewers at Hawaii Remote Viewers' Guild, each with a proven record and audit trail of remote viewing work on known validation targets that do have absolute concrete feedback.

The data produced by the 3 viewers is remarkably similar, and the analysis was fairly straightforward.  All viewers described and sketched a large American city, and the name "New York" surfaced repeatedly in the work of all three viewers.

In the Playfair data collection matrix both Jim and Jason drew 3 humans in cell A2 (sights). This is an analytically significant bit of data. In fact, officials now say Ahmed Ressam did have two accomplices.

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