A Good Job of Remote Viewing

An Analysis of an Excellent Session

by Dick Allgire
May 27, 1998

The viewer, Jim, was given only a target ID: DUTI-AWJI

His first impression was of a step like structure. Chilly temperatures. Loud voices, earthy smells.

He described two structures. Structure one was large, and had evenly spaced vertical aspects. But the viewer kept coming back to structure two. Time and time again he described and sketched a manmade structure that had two vertical upright supports and a horizontal cross beam. Several times he drew steps leading up to it.

He sketched it as square with some type of railing. Sounds associated with this structure: cracking and breaking. There were also people talking at the target, one shouting in a loud voice.

The viewer executed a protocol designed to establish the time of the event. He picked a spot on a “timeline” that indicated the event occurred around the year 1865.

He perceived a group of humans at the site. The viewer said the people had been streaming in from all directions to view an event in a central location. They were mostly dirty looking, simple people. At the central area there was a convergence of authority. The viewer stated this was an official or state event.

When he looked at the group of people gathered at the site he saw them in “old uniforms.” He heard them talking, chattering, and picked up that there were excited and apprehensive.

At the center of this event the viewer heard someone talking in a loud voice. He saw a “central human.”

This was a man with sideburns, and rather curly hair. He had on a high collar and a uniform. His face was very stern. In probing the emotions of this central human the viewer sensed that he was somewhat dizzy, feeling fear. The viewer sensed this person was about to be “sacrificed for country.” The viewer had an analytical overlay of “beheading,” and stated that he felt the target event was an execution.

The target cue for DUTI-AWJI was: scaffold/execution of Capt. Henry Wirz / Washington DC / November 10, 1865 (Capt. Wirz was the commander of the infamous Andersonville prisoner of war camp in the south during the Civil War. He was executed for war crimes. At the moment the target photo was taken the execution warrant was being read aloud. Remember the “loud voice” perceived by the viewer.)

Note that the primary cue for this target was the SCAFFOLD. Because of that the viewer’s sub (correctly) kept sending back descriptions of the structure itself. Jim (because he’s a smart, perceptive guy and had his wits about him) also got the crowd of people, the central figure and the nature of the event.

Is there any doubt he saw this target?

So Jim, being a smart guy…goes to the Internet and finds a photo of his old pal Capt. Henry Wirz. (This was not part of the target I prepared. This was a day after he worked the target.)

Stern face, dark hair, beard/sideburns, high collar (uniform), parallel vertical lines down breast.

There have been – how many billions? – of people on earth? What are the odds someone would sketch a human with such similar characteristics. And the viewer was not told there was a HUMAN at the target site.

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