The Guilds’ Remote Viewing Projects

Mars Polar Lander

Mars Polar Lander

Members of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild were assigned the location of the Mars Polar Lander as an in-class operational target. The target was worked blind; viewers were told nothing…
Project Tommorows News Today

Tomorrow’s News Today

Can Remote Viewers Successfully See a Future Event? This project was an attempt to determine if remote viewers can successfully see a future event. The method involved cueing a target…
Project Mary Celeste Featured

The Disappearance of the Mary Celeste

One of the fascinating maritime mysteries of the world was the fate of the captain and crew of the vessel Mary Celeste. In June 2003, six members of the Hawaii…
Project Wheton Tagging Exercise Island Square X4

A Tagging Exercise

During a class meeting, Glenn Wheaton performed a “tagging exercise.” He did not conduct an entire, formal remote viewing session. He merely sat down and quickly sketched a significant…
Operation Promis Kept Hero Cropped

Operation Project Kept

The Guild conducted a project to investigate the case of Lt. Commander Michael Scott Speicher, who was shot down in the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq. The project aimed to…
Project Valley Temple Giza Stones2 Cropped X4

Valley Temple at Giza

This project demonstrates that remote viewers are not bound by space and time and that remote viewing is truly a time machine that can allow viewers to see and experience…
Kapitan Man

Kapitan Man

The Russian-registered ship Kapitan Man, operated by Far Eastern Shipping Co., faced allegations of using a laser against a Canadian Air Command aircraft in the Strait of Juan de Fuca,…
Project Ahmed Ressam Featured X2

Ahmed Ressam

This Guild project illustrates how remote viewing can be utilized for intelligence collection. The tasking posed the question: Where was Ahmed Ressam transporting his bomb?
Project Prediction Experiment Hero 2

Prediction Experiment

During the early morning hours of March 27, between Pearl Harbor and Ewa Beach, an event occurred in the skies that caused reports to come in from as far away…
Peter Kema

Peter Kema

At the request of Rose Kop the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild worked as a target of interest the current location of Peter Kema Jr. a 6 year old male child…
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