Remote Viewing Articles and Essays by the Guild

This section contains articles and essays our members and students wrote about remote viewing and related topics. The content featured on this page represents the respective authors’ opinions and viewpoints. The views expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the stance of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.


Beyond Remote Viewing

In this account by Dick Allgire, he shares a remarkable experience. He and several students from the Guild decided to attempt monitored sessions to enhance their remote viewing practice. Dick…

Seeing Is Believing

In this case, the class was given just a target ID JKAH-TBCA, nothing more. We were not told the target was a woman. Now you can believe the viewer made…

A Good Job of Remote Viewing

Capt. Wirz was the commander of the Andersonville prisoner of war camp during the Civil War and was executed for war crimes. The viewer’s descriptions aligned with the event, including…

HRVG and Fate Magazine

Dick Allgire discusses a remote viewing experiment conducted by Fate magazine in March 1998. The experiment involved sending a person to a specific location and time, with remote viewers tasked…

Learning the HRVG Methodology

This article, written by Coen Naninck, provides an overview of his experiences and learning process with the HRVG methodology of Remote Viewing. Naninck discusses his journey as a newcomer to…

What Would It Take To Convince An Honest Skeptic?

During the Remote Viewing Conference, an incident involving skeptic Prof. Marcello Truzzi highlighted his response to compelling evidence of remote viewing. Truzzi spoke about the mistake skeptics make in ignoring…

Analysis Protocol

Valtra and Glenn emphasize the rigorous nature of the analysis process in remote viewing, ensuring accuracy, credibility, and the utilization of corroborated data in forming conclusions and scenarios.

Remote Viewing & Sex

In this essay by Yaana Allen, she addresses the topic of sexual activation in relation to remote viewing. She acknowledges that discussions around sex can be uncomfortable and controversial, particularly…

Island of Sanity

In this article by Glenn Wheaton, he emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, understanding limitations, and maintaining grounded perspectives while learning Remote Viewing.

Tagging Viewers

The Guild trains individuals in remote viewing, a process focused on obtaining visual data through mental visualization. They use a mental “Blackboard” to collect this data when their eyes are…

The Targeting Committee

The Targeting Committee is responsible for various tasks including creating, receiving, qualifying, distributing, securing, analyzing, storing, and reporting remote viewing data. This operational instruction outlines the actions carried out by…

Frequently Asked Questions

HRVG President and founder, Glenn Wheaton, answers frequently asked questions about remote viewing and the Guild.

Things to Come?

In late May 1999, student viewers at the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild were assigned a target with the ID T1B1-D6C4. The nature of the target was kept undisclosed. All viewers…
A Non-Validation Target

A Non-Validation Target

Students at the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild generally work validation targets; people, places, events, that allow them to measure their remote viewing ability against known things that we can prove…

Remote Viewing and Local Sidereal Time

A Possible Discovery Regarding Extrasensory Perception Solar time, like Hawaii Standard Time (HST), is based on a 24-hour day, with the Sun directly overhead around the same time every day…
The Case for Visual Ideograms

The Case for Visual Ideograms

Visualizing a Target through Blackboard Remote viewers, monitors, and analysts are blind to the characteristics of targets. When working a session, viewers produce pages of drawings, sensations, and word information…

Forensic Remote Viewing

“Forensic Remote Viewing” is a term often used remote viewers. The dictionary defines “forensic” as”the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime.”

Amelia Earhart: Beyond the 7th Horizon

It was winter in Hawaii and lightly raining when I stood on the runway at Wheeler Army Airfield on Oahu. This was the same runway from where Amelia Earhart departed…

Spotlight on a Moment of Clarity

The article discusses the fundamental premise of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild methodology, which states that if anything can be remote viewed, then all things can be remote viewed. One…
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