Sample Guild Remote Viewing Sessions

The selection of sessions below provides a unique database for people interested in evaluating Remote Viewing.  In the Guild’s methodology, data is typically collected in the order listed in the table below. 

Validation targets are used to practice protocols and receive feedback under controlled conditions.  We only post validation targets in this part of the site.

Most of the following sessions are examples of in-class targets worked by the Guild:

  • Visual Ideograms
  • Spontaneous Ideograms
  • Playfair
  • S2 (Nimo-Playfair)
  • S3 (Data Consolidation)
  • Cascade
  • Edging
  • S5 Morpheus
  • S6 Diarization
  • S7 Location
  • S7 Phonics/Names
  • S8 Reporting
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