Beyond Remote Viewing

This is the Damndest Thing I have ever Witnessed!

by Dick Allgire
May 12, 1998

For the record I am journalist with 24 years of experience in television news. I have won numerous awards for Excellence in Journalism, and most recently the Hawai’i Medical Association Distinguished Medical Reporting Award. I say this because I don’t put my name to published articles unless I’m very sure they are true. My credibility is my currency.

This is a true story. It happened to me.

Several of the students in the Hawai’i Remote Viewers’ Guild were planning to do some monitored sessions. Up until now, all of our work has been solo; the viewer gets a target ID and works the protocols, and is tasked with digging out the data on their own with no coaching. We feel we’re far enough along that it might be interesting to have a monitor, one who knows the target cue, to help the viewer zero in on important aspects of the target. We discussed this in general terms with the instructor.

Outside of class, without the instructor’s knowledge, I made arrangements with Valtra, Yaana, and Cy to set up some monitored sessions. I selected a target and cued it myself.

The target cue is Adolf Hitler at the Eiffel Tower, Paris/23-June-1940 The target photo shows Hitler with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

I contacted Cy, Valtra, and Yaana to set up a session outside of class. We told the instructor that the four of us would be getting together. Then something came up, Cy and Valtra both told me that they couldn’t make it, so Yaana and I made arrangements for her do a session with me acting as monitor.

I wanted to show the target to the instructor, to make sure the cueing was done properly, and to get some suggestions on monitoring procedures. So I took the target to class on the evening of 8-May-1998, in a plain folder. I brought it, along with another target, a bunch of papers, and some personal stuff, all in a pile.

I never said anything to the instructor about the fact that only Yanna would be taking part in the monitored session.

The instructor knew that some of us were going to try monitored sessions. That’s all.

The instructor never saw the target folder.

He never saw or was told the target ID.

After class I pulled out the target folder and asked the instructor to step outside with me. (I wanted to talk this over without Yaana seeing the target or overhearing our discussion.) We went to his van. I had the target folder in my hand. As I was opening it up to get the target photo and ID I said, “I’m going to be monitoring Yaana. I want to show you…”

And he said, “You mean, THIS?” He pulled out a 4 1/2 by 7 1/2 inch paper. He unfolded it and peeked at it, and then showed it to me.

It was a sketch of the Eiffel Tower, with the date 5-8-98. Also written on the card was the name: YAANA!

Glenn’s Sketch

It was a sketch of the Eiffel Tower, with the date 5-8-98. Also written on the card was the name: YAANA!

So how did he know I had targeted the Eiffel Tower. And how did he know I was going to give this to Yaana (only) as a target?

Apparently this was not done as a full remote viewing session, using protocols. It is what the instructor calls “tagging.” Using the same signal line that remote viewers use while executing protocols, he can look at a person across the room and “tag” them. Get a clear image of what is in their mind. Apparently when I came to class that night he “tagged” me. He said in 2 seconds he got a crystal clear image of the Eiffel Tower, and the name Yaana popped to mind. He went out to his car and grabbed a scrap of paper and drew what was on my mind.

I was fairly amazed.

Oh by the way, he also got Adolf. If you look at the bottom of Glenn’s sketch you will see the word “contamination.” Glenn perceived the name Adolf. But his father’s name was Adolf, and any time Glenn hears or perceives that name as a remote viewer he is wary of it being contamination.

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