Remote Viewing & Sex

Addressing Sexual Activation in Relation to Remote Viewing

by Yaana Allen
September 15, 1998

There has been a lot of concern and discussion recently about sex and remote viewing, so I have decided to address it directly.

Many people are, in general, uncomfortable having an open discussion about sex. The snicker factor has been used to discredit people who dare to bring the subject up, and of course any less than clinical discussion can be easily dismissed as flirtatious or frivolous. That is why it is even more important that it be dealt with in an intelligent and open manner.

Glenn Wheaton’s and HRVG’s position, from day one, has been that Remote Viewing is a communication skill. It should be no surprise then that it activates sexual energy. I have been teaching classes in personal and spiritual growth for nearly twenty years. A subject I regularly address is communication and its relationship to enhancing sexual energy.

Part of the controversy over this issue stems from the idea that sexual activation seems to manifest primarily in women. By the very nature of this situation it is unfamiliar to most men, therefor suspect, if they are not experiencing this, then it must not exist. The reactions to these discussions with men have ranged from, discomfort to denial, and from fear of becoming the object of unwanted attention, to fear of not becoming the object, or fear of being discredited by association with something viewed as controversial.

These same discussions with most women bring a sigh of relief, “oh so that is what that is all about”. Sorry guys, contrary to some of the jokes and playful discussions, women do not sit in class and have multiple orgasms, ala Meg Ryan’s portrayal in “When Harry Met Sally”. This phenomenon is by no means universal to all viewers female or male, and if it occurs its manifestation is very individual. The idea of multiple orgasms, does not relate to class or targets, but to the increased free movement of energy through ones system as the skill of RV is developed.

In particular HRVG’s emphasizes “viewing”, we train to “see” from our very first protocol, and to manage “the view” or session in order to recover and record accurate target data. When we look on blackboard we are (not by design but by function) addressing an area directly in front of the sixth chakra (third eye) as an area established to give and receive communication between our primary and sub-conscious awarenesses. Looking into that area of space is not just an esoteric mystery, it is also a documented physical mechanism for accessing visual data.

For those of you unfamiliar with the chakra system, or how energy moves through the body, the second or sex chakra and the fifth or throat chakra are a pair and polarity that deal with sex and communication respectively. From the seven main chakras there are three of these pairs, the odd one out, the sixth chakra or third eye is paired with the pineal gland their function directly related to the development of clairvoyance or intuitive visual perception.

These pairings have to do with how energy and consciousness enters, and moves through the body to expression. They are like two sides of your hand, different but inseparably linked. The paired chakras need to work in harmony to be effective. When actions stimulate a chakra it will activate the chakras below it because the energy is drawn up to the chakra being worked with. Remote viewing exercises develop the third eye, the ability to visually perceive events outside of time and distance. The development process may at times induce headaches, it can also rouse dormant energies in the lower centers and cause them to move upwards.

Sex is a very basic form of communication, one that for many is used in an attempt to express intimacy rather than verbal communication. In reality the deepest form of intimacy is, not from sharing your body, but in sharing your hopes and dreams and innermost thoughts. Intimacy improves sex, but sex does not necessarily improve intimacy. In a classroom situation, especially over a long period of time, people sharing the same purpose and goals become very close, this is a powerful form of bonding or true intimacy. Sometimes we discuss things with each other that we would not discuss at home because we feel we are understood and have no fear of rejection or ridicule. These bonds are very strong, and can be misinterpreted when looked at in comparison to the stresses of everyday life especially if they are coupled with a confusing mix of intense energies and feelings. People hunger to be understood, in a class it is easy to understand and share achievements and esoteric concepts, that does not mean these same people would behave any differently then the ones you already know in the day to day grind.

There are many factors at work in this dynamic. One, the nature of the work stimulates innate but under used perceptual abilities. This activation of intuitive perception animates all the lower centers most noticeably in women, possibly because men naturally have a more evolved visual sense and the pathway is already in regular use.

To state the obvious men and women are wired differently. Men resonate at frequencies predominately physical and mental and women resonate with frequencies primarily emotional and intuitive. This is not to say the either sex is excluded from performance or excellence in one of the other areas, just which areas are dominate to the gender. Each individual expresses both their natural abilities and those they have developed through practice and persistence. Remote viewing requires a balance of the ability to reach out with intuitive awareness to see and experience the target, and to be able to recover and record accurate data in a useable form.

We have discussed, since our very first class, learning to distinguish the “signal line” feeling. Many women experience this feeling as a warm tingling at or near the base of their spine. This feeling may begin as a spot, then widen and spread upwards throughout the body as target contact increases. Target contact in a structured environment whose purpose is communication, both internal between the primary and the sub, and external to record the requested data on paper and energy moves upward to the visual center. Personally when I first began RV instruction the feeling was at the base of my skull, but over time it has transferred to an area near my tailbone. These experiences are not universal but occur with enough frequency to warrant attention. My conversations with Pru, when she was in Hawaii, confirmed this as her experience as well.

One of the basic premises behind disciplined protocol execution is how repetitive behavior consistently elicits the same response. It becomes an anchor or cue. An analogy we use in class as a demonstration, is “Remember the day the beer truck came around the corner and…” Most people only have one frame of reference for pleasant warm and tingling feelings in this part of their body. This is the source of confusion. If this energy is interpreted as sexual, then the person doing the interpreting also needs to designate a source, and/or recipient. At that point they look up and see an instructor or fellow student and if they are not aware that this is a natural phenomenon of expanding consciousness, may become fixated or obsessed with that person.

My apologies to all the attractive men in the group, who may see this as a slight, but each individual must become consciously aware and responsible for managing this phenomena which can greatly exaggerate normal attractions. Once activated there are generally three main alternatives:

  • To suppress the interpreted experience, in which case it will intensify, until you can no longer to act on it.
  • If the experience is acted upon without full conscious awareness and responsibility for the situation, generally the individual will, in the end, walk away very disappointed, and thinking the object of their affection was the problem. If this acting out dishonors an existing relationship that makes it all the more tragic.
  • The third alternative is to understand that the source and solution, to this very physical experience, is internal rather than external and direct the energy consciously into productive activities, and get on with it. Then the energy can be used for better viewing, better relationships, and any project you have wanted to do but lacked the energy. Imagine the reaction of the mate you choose to share this gift of vitality with, to deepen your relationship, rather than the reaction of the mate who feels threatened and jealous because you are spending your time obsessing over someone or something they feel threatens your home.

Men and women working together always present choices and challenges, but when you add to the natural temptations and confusion an exaggerated and very physical experience it is an issue which needs to be discussed to bring it into perspective. That does not mean that this subject should overshadow any aspect of the development of RV skills, it is only a potential experience, which if it occurs requires conscious and responsible management.

Over the years I have seen many good groups form providing services and skills of great value to the community and its members. Very few survive because of a lack of understanding and conscientious leadership regarding this issue. Affairs, marriages and divorces within a group, or the fallout of such behavior with people outside the group in a few short years shift the focus from its work to sexual politics, making it impossible for the groups to continue effectively. This is not necessary if we understand what is happening and support each other to make responsible choices, rather than indulge in a living AOL.

The issue of sexual activation is just one of the many manifestations of destabilization. Destabilization is a big word for lack of control over our experience. Last year Glenn and I discussed with a doctor, who specialized in bio-feed back therapy the effects of accessing theta, which is what we do in RV as we near a bi-location event. Her concern was that to access theta outside of therapy was risky because in her experience time spent in conscious theta released suppressed issues.

Recently some of the other topics of discussion have been; after-target residual emotions and sensations, the reaction to bi-location, and remote influencing. I have experienced, and talked with other students who have as well, post target emotional activation, because some aspect of the target was similar to an event that had been suppressed by the individual. When the process is recognized it is an opportunity to release both. All of these have the same remedy. “Keep your wits about you!” In other words, be in present time and discern the difference between reality, memory, and fantasy.

Once you have discovered the true nature of the situation it generally decreases its intensity dramatically. From that point on you can choose whether to engage the appearance or manifestation (to marinate in it) or let it go. Consciously making the choice puts you in the drivers seat, you are no longer a victim, you are empowered.

Some have suggested that remote influencing, the boogieman of RV is an exception to this rule, and I do not agree. From what I understand of RI, if it exists, it is based on detailed psychological and emotional profiles, finding a persons fears and weaknesses real or imagined and exaggerating them until the subject becomes dysfunctional.

Think about this, if it is not happening in this moment, it is a lie. Even if it happened in the past, or you are afraid it might happen in the future, if it is not happening in this moment, in this moment it is not true. If we let memories or worries destabilize and paralyze us we lose. If we choose not to engage the memories or worries in this moment, no matter how tempting they feel, we can then make the best use of this moment to build our future. If in fact RI exists, it is not in our control whether we are a subject of it. For years I have done a demonstration in my classes where students experience being dramatically physically strengthened or weakened just by thinking positive or negative thoughts about them. RI is a reality of life, whether it exists, as a clandestine black-ops operation is irrelevant, the solution is the same.

The only choice we have in life is whether to be a victim or choose to see circumstances as a gift or opportunity to make us stronger. In the case of perceived sexual activation there are many techniques to move the energy and redistribute it for healing or regeneration of the body, and creative expression. The first step is to recognize that this is a natural occurrence and disengage any significance attached to another person or the opportunity is lost. Significant relationships grow from friendship and common interests nothing will be lost if you “manage” your energy wisely, but much can be gained.

I am not saying that this is always easy, sometimes it is the hardest thing you will ever do. Reality checks can be painful, if we see we have invested time and effort into behavior or beliefs which prove to be erroneous we can end up feeling very foolish or angry. Working in a group is very powerful because we can assist each other. That’s not to say that this will happen for everyone, or will be happening all the time. This is a potential experience, if it happens we can recognize it for what it is, ask for assistance, if needed, and move on.

We have seen many manifestations of destabilization, from exaggerated annoyance at the tearing of paper or the tone of some ones voice on up to ignoring ones responsibilities and an increase in promiscuous or addictive behavior. It is the responsibility of each of us as individuals to manage our own state. Hopefully we can assist each other with compassion and humor, but when needed we also need to be willing to give each other a swift kick where it will do the most good. We need to support each others strengths and skills, not indulge each others weaknesses, illusions and vices. I think that is the definition of a friend, one who sees who you truly are, and likes you any way.

Yes, RV stimulates sexual energy in women, yes doing RV will bring up all of your fears and illusions, so you can see they are not real and move on, yes RV will let you go anywhere and experience anything you choose… It is time to learn the Significance Busting Mantra, “So What”, we are all supposed to be responsible adults, “Keep your wits about you!”

Aloha Yaana

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