Peter Kema

An Intermediate Report on the Location of Peter Kema Jr.


Intermediate Product Report




  1. At the request of Rose Kop the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild worked as a target of interest the current location of Peter Kema Jr. a 6 year old male child who has been missing since 09/11/97. The request was made to me Glenn Wheaton, president of the Guild.
  2. After accepting the target, I alone prepared the target for the guild to work and no one other than Rose Kop was aware of the nature of the target.
  3. The target was worked at the weekly target session at the HRVG classroom. There were 16 viewers present in addition to myself.
  4. I did not work this target.
  5. Rose Kop worked this target frontloaded; all other viewers’ (15) worked this target totally blind to the nature of the target.
  6. Of the 16 sessions submitted only 7 were determined to be significant recoveries of data relative to a child.
  7. All data upon completion was secured by myself and safeguarded for analysis.
  8. All analysis was conducted by myself.

Summary Of Analytical Determinations

The following are determinations of the analyzed data that corroborated by two or more remote viewers working this target.

  1. Peter Kema Jr. is deceased.
  2. Peter Kema Jr. is buried.
  3. Peter Kema Jr. was struck in the head and subsequently lost mobility in the lower extremities.
  4. Peter Kema Jr. was brought to death by choking at the neck.
  5. An adult male transported Peter Kema Jr. to a location for burial.
  6. A single adult male buried Peter Kema Jr.
  7. Peter Kema Jr. was buried in a remote area that required him to be carried by the adult male for some distance away from the transportation vehicle.
  8. Peter Kema JR’s burial grave is recognized by a mound of dirt slightly higher in elevation than the surrounding ground. There is also the possibility of several/many stones placed or imbedded in the mound.
  9. The area of the burial location is near a solitary road.
  10. There is a structure near this gravesite that originates sounds like bells or a loud ringing. This may be a church or fire station.
  11. The structure near this gravesite may have a steeple or taller structure that rises above the primary structure.
  12. Scrub flora and trees surround the gravesite.
  13. The gravesite, while fairly level, is in fact part of a larger rising incline toward a large landmass of higher ground.
  14. The gravesite has a panoramic view that is very aesthetic. This includes a range of hilly terrain, trees and clear sky.
  15. The gravesite has a viewpoint of only one manmade structure/s that was noted. This structure/s is a series of tall towers/poles supporting large capacity electrical lines.
  16. Since the burial either a ceremony or visitation was conducted by at least 3 adults to the site.


Declarations are elements within the data collected that are of interest.

A. In S-2 Phonics Viewer Lynda reports, child, cry, choke, torment.
B. In S-2 Viewer Pame reports, scratching like animal digging.
C. In S-2 Phonics viewer Mark reports, Prison peter process.
D. In S-2 Phonics viewer Jimmy reports, Under soil find boy.
E. In S-3 viewer Lynda sketched a figure standing near a hole in the ground.
F. In S-3 viewer Zoltan sketched a vehicle in motion traveling in a remote area. At least two humans were inside. There was a sense of panic. Plastic was also important for some reason.
G. In S-2 viewer JimK sketches a single figure with a shovel digging in a remote area surrounded by Scrub and trees.
H. In S-2 Viewer JimK sketches towers in a row.
I. In S-2 viewer JimK reports digging sounds.
J. In S-2 viewer JimK reports rotten blood, dead (one).
K. In S-2 viewer JimK reports “feeling of someone being buried”.
L. In S-2 Phonics viewer JimK reports the following words; grave, bad, aunt, boy, knock, bound, under, murder. JimK also reports the names Al, Brandon, Lucy, Alberta.
M. In S-3 JimK sketches a remote scene of a single figure standing next to a gravesite holding a shovel. The word bound is written near the grave. The area is surrounded by trees, in the background a row of power towers/poles can be seen as well as rising terrain and sky.
N. In Playfair viewer Rose reports digging, sketches a figure with a shovel.
O. In Playfair viewer Rose reports smells of sour beer, hot temps.
P. In S-2 viewer Rose reports a man carrying a bundle under some strain; there is sweat/blood much anger about the weight.
Q. In S-2 Phonics viewer Rose reports words and ideas related to the situation, these include; safe aim place carry vacate anger/excavated fear secret/isolate hide/mountain blood shovel/crunch dug/drunk/ safe place isolated hid buried dug drunk heavy carry far/ Big Island.
R. In S-3 viewer Rose sketches a single figure near an open grave. A road is nearby; there is a stop sign down this road, a mountain in the backdrop.
S. In Cascade viewer Rose reports data related to the large gestalts of the area. Land – mountain, low veg, dry cold windy, deserted usually quiet, high up, mostly dry some brush, state park.

Declarations Summary

The important essential elements of information collected by the primary viewers who where ON-Target seem to tell a story of the target subject Peter Kema Jr. being buried.

I feel confident that this is in fact the case. I also treat this as a fact.

Secondary to this fact is other data relating to the Burial. A single male bore the brunt of the responsibility of the burial. This included transportation both by vehicle and by foot to the burial site.

The burial site will be off the beaten path, but there is a mound as a result of too much dirt debris remaining after the boy was placed in the excavation.

The site was dressed up a bit to look natural but there will be a mound.

The boy is bound by a covering and will be on his left side when found. A cloth fiber doll or toy is bound with him. The boy will have a T-shirt and black shorts on, both which are too large for him.

There is a road nearby, although not a busy road, it does support daily traffic. There is also a place of interest to tourists nearby. This may be a park or other such attraction. The area the boy is in is protected in some way and is near the boundaries of a Military reservation.

Of interest is the session data provided by Rose Kop and JimK. Both Viewers sketched clear aspects/perspectives of the burial site. In addition Lynda and Pame gave clear relationships to the site being underground. Jimmy’s words collected in S-2 Phonics ring very true “Under Soil find Boy”.

S7 Annex A 2017-03-03


The following location information is provided as a primary possible location based on compilation of data in S-7 Annex A.


Look for a site that meets that major Gestalts of the data reported. This group of Remote Viewers are at an intermediate level and while the data is telling it may not be finite enough to provide you do exact data you require.
This target should be worked again. Slightly different aspects of targeting can deliver up information that is critical. A location can be determined sometimes by not looking for that location but targeting landmarks and other structures nearby. An example associated with this target would be to task the group with the structure corroborated in the data with the steeple and the bells sound.

Please look at the conclusions and determine what areas of further data you would like to explore and we will attempt to quantify them.

Aloha Glenn Wheaton

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