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Can Remote Viewers Successfully See a Future Event?

Project Tommorows News Today

This project was an attempt to determine if remote viewers can successfully see a future event. The method involved cueing a target involving a FUTURE news event. Viewers were tasked to see images from the lead story on ABC World News Tonight more than six weeks into the future.

On May 29, 2003 the following target ID was submitted for viewing:


The actual target cue associated with this ID was: “LEAD NEWS EVENT / ABC WORLD NEWS TONIGHT / 13 JULY, 2003”

In short the task for the viewer was to perceive images that would be broadcast over ABC News on the night of July 13. The viewer would be attempting to see these images more than a month prior to whatever event would lead the news on July 13th.

Would the lead story on the newscast have images of US soldiers under attack in Iraq? Would there be a hurricane or earthquake? Would Saddam Hussein or his sons be located, killed, or apprehended? Would there be a major forest fire? Would a plane crash? The tasker assumed that something compelling, visual, and dynamic would make headlines on that day 6 weeks away. The question was could a remote viewer perceive these images weeks before they took place?

A session was submitted 2 weeks prior to the newscast. The session was sealed in a manila envelope, with the date and signature of a witness over the seal. The witness, Mr. Brian Smith personally signed and dated the sealed envelope. Mr. Smith has no affiliation with The Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild, and is in fact a skeptic of remote viewing. The sealed envelope containing the session was mailed and postmarked by the United States Postal Service.

This is the envelope
This is the postmark
This is the signature of the witness, Brian Smith
Witness Brian Smith (no affiliation with HRVG)

The Viewer’s Full Session

The dominant theme in this session is a man at a podium giving a speech.

Just prior to July 13 (much after the session was submitted) questions arose about a line in the president’s state of the union address, which claimed Iraq had attempted to buy uranium. On the night of July 13 (the target cue) the lead news story focused on that speech. ABC used multiple images of the state of the union speech, as well as other speeches after that event, in which President Bush cited questionable intelligence concerning Iraq.

These images are video stills captured from the lead story on ABC World News Tonight on July 13, 2003. They constitute feedback for target S1J2-E9N2:

Here are some comparisons of the viewer’s work to the actual images. The sketches produced by the viewer are dated June 29, 2003. The images from the lead story were broadcast on July 13, 2003.

The viewer drew a man giving a speech:

The viewer sketched members of the audience: The viewer saw a man walking on a raised walkway:

The viewer produced an image that seems to be a crowd of people gathered around a rectangular open area, with a tall structure in the background. The top ABC news story showed a video clip of President Bush giving his famous speech on an aircraft carrier. Note the gestaltic similarity: In S-2 Phonics the viewer wrote “Stefan.” George Stephanopoulas provided commentary during the lead news story that evening.

The viewer’s session was full of sketches of a man giving a speech at a podium. The lead story on ABC the evening of July 13 was full of images of men giving speeches at a podium:

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