A Tagging Exercise

A Guild Remote Viewing Tagging Exercise

National Park Ranger Suzanne Roberts

On Monday September 13, 2004 Glenn Wheaton performed a “tagging exercise” at the HRVG class meeting. He did not conduct a full, formal remote viewing session. He merely sat down and made a quick sketch of a significant event he felt was about to happen in the future.

Five witnesses signed the back of the document, and it was folded into an envelope. That envelope was sealed, signed again, and dated.

Here is the image produced by Glenn in his “tagging” session:

It shows a tropical location with trees and sloping land. The location is labeled “Maui” in the upper right hand corner. The words “nighttime storm, rain and wind” are written across the top center. There is a human form on the ground, presumably deceased.

Here is the lead news story in Hawaii 24 hours later:

Maui Park Ranger Killed In Rockslide

HONOLULU — A National Park Ranger was killed Tuesday [Sept. 14, 2004] following a rockslide on Maui. Maui police say it happened at about 10 a.m. Suzanne Roberts, 36, died when a boulder fell on her as she tried to clear rocks from Hana Road. It happened in a remote area of Haleakala National Park on a road carved out of the mountainside near Alelele Beach.

Rangers say Roberts was hit on the head and shoulders by a boulder about 2 feet to 3 feet in diameter. She had stopped her patrol car to remove some smaller rocks when she was hit. Witnesses told rangers they saw the boulder falling and tried to warn Roberts, but it was too late.

The witnesses used Roberts’ park service radio to call for help.

Roberts worked as a ranger at Haleakala National Park since April, before that she was a seasonal ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Images from KITV 4 News – ABC- Honolulu
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