Operation Project Kept

Did We Leave a Pilot Behind in the Gulf War? 


A Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild project investigating the case of Lt. Commander Michael Scott Speicher. “Promise Kept” is the code name of the diplomatic mission to learn Commander Speicher’s fate.

Is it a promise kept, or a broken promise?

Did we leave a pilot behind in the Gulf War? Has Michael Speicher been held as a prisoner of war by Iraq for more than a decade?

Reports recently surfaced that the first pilot to be shot down in the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq might have survived and could be alive and captive in Iraq. Based on those reports Dick Allgire, Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild, tasked this as a target of interest for trained remote viewers within the guild.

The work was done under double blind conditions. NO VIEWER WAS TOLD ANYTHING ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE TARGET. When they sat down to work they were given nothing more than the 8 element target ID.

The work was conducted solo, without monitoring. At no time was any viewer exposed to anyone who knew the actual target cue. No feedback was given until the viewers submitted their work. The original tasking was given to the viewers on March 13, 2002. Work was completed and submitted by March 25, 2002. Analysis was conducted the week of March 25-29, 2002.

In targeteering this project it seemed a simple question to answer: Is Commander Michael Speicher currently alive? This essential question is something that should show up quite clearly in remote viewing data. If Speicher were killed in 1991 and his remains were either buried or in the desert of Iraq, we would expect viewers to produce data describing a static, barren, lifeless location. They would, in effect, describe old bones.

If Speicher is alive and being held captive we would expect trained remote viewers to produce data about a dynamic living individual, and to describe his surroundings.

As is often the case in remote viewing what we actually got was much more than we bargained for. What we see in this presentation is an effect in remote viewing known as “Division of Effort.” When multiple viewers work a target they tend to divide the effort. We see different viewers produce data about different aspects. Some will describe the central focus of the target cue, and others will give us data about the peripheral location and activities.

In this case some viewers went back to the original event in 1991 when Commander Speicher’s F-18 exploded and fell from the sky, and he was first missing in action. From there the remote viewing data is laid out in a chilling real life tragedy that unfolds like a storyboard for a movie script.

Remember, the viewers were blind to the target. They were not told anything about what they were viewing.

The original cue [not told to viewers] was:




Fourteen viewers worked this target under blind, solo conditions and submitted their data. A subcue was then given to the viewers. The subcue was based on data produced in the original target work. Several viewers described a structure. The subcue was targeted to this structure. Again, the viewers were told nothing about the nature of the target. All work was solo, and double blind.

The subcue was:





1. Recent news reports surfaced in the case of Lt. Commander Michael Speicher, the first casualty of the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq. He was declared killed in action, but over the years there have been persistent rumors that Commander Speicher in fact survived the crash of his F-18 Hornet, and may be held captive in Iraq. I cued this as a target of interest for the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.

2. I alone prepared the target for the guild to work. No one other than myself was aware of the nature of the target.

3. The target was worked at various times by 14 viewers.

4. I did not work this target.

5. All of the viewers who worked the target did so totally blind to the nature of the target.

6. Five viewers exhibited significant target contact. The other viewers provided significant corroborative data relative to a pilot parachuting from a damaged aircraft, being captured and held captive.

7. Upon completion all data was secured by myself and safeguarded for analysis.

8. I conducted the analysis and prepared this report under the supervision of Glenn Wheaton, President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild.

Dick Allgire, Vice President HRVG

Corroborating Data

Four viewers corroborated data about a jet aircraft.

Pat’s sketch of the jet, and the shoot down incident.


Fred’s sketch and description of the aircraft in trouble.


George reported the sounds of a jet aircraft


Tony drew the aircraft.


Multiple viewers described and sketched a missle. Here are images produced by Pat and Fred illustrating the missle they saw:


Six viewers drew and described a violent explosion.


Four viewers drew the wreckage of the jet aircraft after it crashed.


Three viewers saw the pilot eject and parachute to the ground.


Jim K. saw a symbol sketched in the sand: “EE” which stands for escape and evade. Downed pilots are trained to leave such a symbol to be seen by friendly rescue forces. This image was reportedly seen by U.S. surveillance satellites.


Two viewers – Jim K. and Pame -report a person named Michael.


Viewer Kathy drew a representation of Michael Speicher’s unit patch.


Several viewers saw a person being transported by armed men in a truck.


Note that Jeffrey and Jim K. drew nearly identical trucks from a similar angle.


Multiple viewers saw a person incarcerated in a cell.


Multiple viewers saw and described armed guards speaking a foreign language.


Viewers saw the subject being held in a cell inside a prison.


Viewer Glyn’s S-3 site sketch is an interesting example of gestaltic capture in remote viewing data. She draws a human form inside an enclosed structure. There is a representation of what could be coiled razor wire.


Several viewers corroborated the location as being in the Middle East, specifically Iraq. Viewers also produced data specific to the city of Baghdad. Jim K. drew a river and city similar to Baghdad in his LAND 1 Sketch.


The river surfaced again in Jim’s work.


Pat drew a mosque in her work.


Pat also drew a building sized mural of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.



Declarations are elements within the data collected that are of interest.

In Phonics viewer Rob reports “aircraft explosion- ejected.”

In S4 Cascade viewer Kathy reports “ear drums punctured,” “acrid smells” “detonate,” and “destruction.”

In S-4 Cascade Life-Human viewer Kathy reports “human injured, moaning, shattered arm.”

In VISID viewer Pame reports “person is very worried, sure he is gonna die.”

In S-2 viewer John M. reports “a human in stress.”

In Cascade viewer Jan reports “running, then a sense of someone rushing through bushes or underbrush, heavy sweating.”

In Phonics viewer Jason reports “hide, hidden, solitude.”

In Phonics viewer Jeffrey reports “anger, escape, injury, overcome, lost hope, scared.”

In S-4 Cascade viewer Kathy reports “hidden, secret, enclosed in and under.”

In S-2 viewer Pame reports smells of “meat cooking- lamb and goat.”

In Phonics viewer Pame reports “blindfold.”

In S-2 viewer viewer Glyn reports “Human, anxious, dark, enclosed,” and “human, lying down.”

In Phonics viewer Kathy reports “airplane crash, arm, eject, pilot, mission, down, lost, IRAQ.”

In Cascade viewer Kathy reports “human, eject, forced landing, hard, shot at on landing.”

In Phonics viewer Fred reports “aircraft, truck, hide, Middle East.”

In Cascade viewer Fred reports “chopper en route to battlefield,” “haste!” “soldier” “decapitated body.”

In S-2 Phonics viewer John M. reports “Alcatraz,” (metaphorical data suggesting a prison.)

In advanced Phonics viewer Tony reports “American, anger, Al-Ahram, Baghdad, punish, draws pictures, prays, stomach problems, Ali-guard.”

In Phonics viewer Pat reports “eject, beaten, emit, interrogate, intelligence, confine, American pilot, Iraq.”

In Diarization Viewer Kathy describes “aerial vehicles- one crashed.” She states, “main human ejected from plane- injured. . . after crashing.” Kathy further states, “This feels not current- recent past? 10+ years ago. People wonder about his fate.”

In Diarization (E503-N4C9) viewer Pat reports, “The pilot was able to eject and his parachute deployed. He landed with injuries in a barren and remote area in a foreign country. He began walking and was apprehended by people local to the area, who turned him over to military personnel. He was beaten, interrogated, and imprisoned.”

In Phonics (S1C6-A5C3) viewer Pat reports, “American prisoner, Baghdad.”

In S-4 Cascade viewer Jim K. reports the name “Jaffa.” (This is a street in Baghdad.)

In S-4 Cascade viewer Jim K. reports people traveling inside a van or truck “moving fast,” “traveling at night” to a “new location” He reports a blindfolded prisoner with his hands bound behind his back being guarded by a man with a rifle. He reports people are observing this scene. He also reports a prisoner “bound to a chair,” “beaten,” and “interrogated” in a small, dark, confined space.

In Diarization (S1C6-A5C3) viewer Pat reports an American is held captive in a two story concrete building, with a flat roof, facing a street. Pat reports the prisoner is at the end of a corridor in the last room. Pat reports the prisoner is unshaven and apathetic. Pat reports the building is near a Mosque with an adjacent cemetery. She reports a large mural of Saddam Hussein nearby, much activity and city noise. Pat also reports there is a helipad nearby with an underground facility.

Data Extraction

Working Notes

This target involves a single human.

This person may be injured.

This person has been the subject of questioning or interrogation.

This person may be named Michael.

This target involves an aircraft in flight.

There is a missile associated with this target.

There is an aspect of explosive energy at this target.

There is a parachute associated with this target.

This target involves an aircraft, damaged and in distress.

This target involves land that is sandy, rocky, possibly barren.

There are mountains at or near this target.

An aspect of the target involves multiple structures in a city.

There is a structure associated with this target that has bars or a grid-like feature (probably a cell.)

There is a single human incarcerated in a structure or cell.

There are multiple humans present at this target.

These people are armed with weapons.

These people speak a foreign language.

This target involves multiple vehicles, possibly trucks, in motion.

This target involves a helicopter.

This target is located in Iraq, possibly the city of Baghdad.


Scenario 1:

An aircraft in flight is struck by a missile and a pilot or passenger named Michael ejects and parachutes to the ground. The plane is damaged and in distress and subsequently crashes in a barren sandy rocky location. Michael, who is injured is transported by armed men to a city area near a river in Iraq possibly Baghdad where he is incarcerated in a cell and interrogated by persons speaking in a foreign language.

Scenario 2:

An aircraft suffers an explosion causing a very bright light and begins a downward arc towards the ground and crashes. In the area are other aircraft (Helicopters), motorized vehicles and armed men. The area is sandy, rocky, and barren, with mountains nearby. The target area is in a middle-eastern country.

Scenario 3:

A human ejects from an aircraft and parachutes to barren and rocky ground. The aircraft explodes. Multiple armed humans who speak a foreign language incarcerate and interrogate the single human.


While remote viewing should never used as a sole source of intelligence, the data presented here makes a compelling case that Commander Speicher survived the crash of his jet and is being held captive. This data corroborates other information obtained by more traditional means that points to Speicher’s survival.

The U.S. government should renew the effort to bring closure to this sad story. We should pursue all means possible, including intelligence and diplomatic channels, to verify his fate.

We are reminded of the Army Ranger’s creed “I will never let a fallen comrade fall into the hands of the enemy.”

It was the U.S. government that named the diplomatic mission to learn Speicher’s fate “Promise Kept.” We should make sure that promise does not ring hollow.

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