A Non-Validation Target

Remote Viewing an Esoteric Target

Students at the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild generally work validation targets; people, places, events, that allow them to measure their remote viewing ability against known things that we can prove exist.

Occasionally we slip in targets of a more esoteric nature, just to see what happens, and maybe stretch our view of reality a bit.

Four viewers (Mana, Sita, PR, and Banshee) worked target ID TOST-IWFO. This target was worked blind. All viewers at HRVG work targets blind or double blind, with no frontloading as to the nature of the target.

Four remote viewing sessions were turned in to the analyst.

When conducting analysis, the analyst first creates a “data extraction matrix.” Only data that is corroborated by two or more viewers is logged into this document. Across the top you can read the viewers’ names: Mana, Sita, PR, and Banshee. Down the left hand margin a list of the protocols, and entered in columns below the viewers names you can see the data points that were common to two or more viewers. Only data corroborated by two or more viewers makes it into the data extraction document.

A common theme throughout all the viewers’ sessions was the concept of energy.

Three viewers described a person surrounded by energy. Several of the viewers described the energy as metaphysical, or angelic. Viewer PR actually drew a man with an angel overhead, and Sita used the term angelic, and Archangel.

Banshee’s Cascade galley for ‘Energy’ is interesting to ponder.

Mana’s session is quite interesting from start to finish. Here is Mana’s entire session:

And finally this note: When he was a very young child, Dick Allgire had an accident playing on a staircase. He was hanging on the railing when it gave way, dropping him on his head, knocking him out and opening a serious wound. This was not known to any members of the HRVG, and he himself had forgotten the incident. until he looked at Sita’s session. Her Visual Ideogram depicts a person apparently having an accident on a staircase.

The cue for TOST-IWFO is:
Dick Allgire’s Guardian Angel / The Spiritual Being assisting Dick Allgire in his current lifetime

Discussion: Is this a valid remote viewing cue? Do you believe the viewers actually perceived an angelic being? If we cued up something like: The Tooth Fairy/ Present Time would viewers draw a pixie with wings dropping coins beneath a pillow? Is the expectation or targeteer’s belief in a mythical being or abstract concept enough to cause good remote viewers to generate data congruent to the cue? The bulletin board is open for your views, as well as peer review on the data and methodology.

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