Things to Come?

Can Remote Viewers Successfully Foresee a Future Event

In the final week of May, 1999 the following target ID was given to student viewers at the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild. T1B1-D6C4. They were told nothing of the nature of the target. It was worked solo blind by all viewers, except for Zoltan. (Zoltan saw an image while practicing in S-5 Theta Isolation, and back worked the target from there using the image he encountered in S-5.) The target cue was written:

Passenger Airliner Emergency / Hawaii / Near Future

The target was worked solo by Jason, Zoltan, Jim, Sita, Wayne, Banshee, Caren, Valtra, Pame, and Daniel. Click on the following links to see the data extraction matrix. (Only data corroborated by two or more viewers makes it into the final report.)


From the data extraction notes we prepared the following WORKING NOTES:

WORKING NOTES for Target T1B1-D6C4

The target involves something in motion emanating thrust or exhaust. An aspect of the target is airy, gaseous (or cloudy) and natural. An aspect of this target is complex, hard, manmade, dynamic. The target may involve an aircraft. There are angular aspects to the target. There are circular features associated with this target. There are mechanical sounds associated with this target. The sound of wind or rushing air is present at this target. There are humans seated in rows at this target. They may be clouds or vapor at the target. The sound of a BOOM is heard at the target. There is the sound of an engine whirring or whining at this target. A dull pop or soft bang may be heard at the target. There are screams and high pitched voices at this target. There is a sense of fear and panic or distress at the target. A person may speak over a microphone which implies his voice at the target. The air is filled with smoke and possibly fire. Crashing and screeching sounds are associated with this target. The temperatures range from cool to hot. An aspect of the target is gaseous. The smell of fuel is present at the target. Blood is present at the target. Chemical smells and tastes are present. Pilots may be present at this target. This target involves an aircraft in flight. There is an explosion, in the air, which occurs over water with land nearby. The land is mountainous and near water. There are possibly sirens associated with this target. There is fire at the target. There may be small particles, possibly burning, falling through the air. There are things sparking at the target. There is a sense of warning associated with this target. There are radio transmissions at the target.


A passenger aircraft experiences an incident in flight involving an explosion and fire. This occurs near the Hawaiian Islands, possibly near the island of Oahu, while the aircraft is over water but near land. There are injuries involving bleeding. The timeline for this event is the near future.

Zoltan’s Session on this target.
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